The “Grinder Guy” is Dave Whitelaw. I have been in the Wood Grinding, Yard Waste, Composting, C&D and Recycling business since the Mid 1980’s. I have worked for several Waste Companies and have been selling products for many Dealers and Manufacturers in the Industry for many years. In full disclosure, I am currently representing Rotochopper Inc. in the Southeast US.┬áBecause of my longevity in the industry, I have many contacts, friends and associates that I may represent in one way, shape, form or fashion. All equipment and information listed on this site is assumed by me to be true and accurate but must be confirmed by any interested parties prior to pursuing any interest or transaction. Any advice posted on this site or at www.askthegrinderguy.com┬áblog, is from my experience and should be construed as just advice, not as fact, but some information to assist in similar operations. I am not responsible for any detrimental effects caused as a result of use of my advice or equipment listings. My websites are for informational use only and to add to other advices you may receive, paid or unpaid. Please use my site at your leisure and as a resource for your operations and to add to your experiences. I am happy to answer any questions regarding operations or my relationships with any persons or companies. Contact me @ grinderguy@askthegrinderguy.com